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In order to mentally and socially evolve in time, to learn how to form a proper opinion and to be prepared for life, a child is entitled to get information which it can understand.

Each child should consequently have the opportunity to go to school, but this is exactly where the bad feeling emerges, since in theory it can all be nicely explained, but reality is very often different and less bright.

Still today, there are lots of children worldwide who are deprived from education because they have to take care of other activities, beyond their own will, whereby they miss the school lessons intended for them.

Most children do not know any better because, due to the circumstances in which they grow up, they experience a completely different environment than children of the same age, who are being taught at regular times.

Governments around the world should make sure that children in their own country could go to school, since education belongs to the basic rights of the child.

Children for whom this important right is not being respected because they fall victim to exploitation, are very often facing an unschooled life, full of heavy labour & poverty, which brings us to the very delicate and ever actual topic of ‘CHILD LABOUR’.

Through the foundation ‘help kinderen’ we wish to fully cooperate in order to eliminate child labour, since we think that each child, wherever in the world, should have a fair chance to a solid education, which can be determinative for the further evolution of his or her life.

As an example of this issue, we would like to further elaborate the present and harrowing situation in Turkey, where large numbers of children are still being used in the harvest of hazelnuts, whereby they cannot take part in the crucial school years because they are actively participating in the picking of the hazelnuts.

Please feel free to have a look at our website, where child labour in Turkey is described in detail under the section ‘hazelnut’, in case you wish to learn more about this issue.

The child labour situation in Turkey is being displayed through concrete facts, which are telling a correct and objective version of the situation, since they are collected after a personal visit of myself, together with delegation members of ‘FNV Bondgenoten’, journalists from the Netherlands and people of the campaign ‘Stop Child Labour’.

The visit to Turkey is the best way to illustrate the situation correctly to the outside world and is meant to arouse the reader’s interest in order to make him feel responsible in turn to help to make a difference in pursuing a better world and in this particular case it means: ‘abolishing child labour’…